Wanna Start Something?

by Total Bliss

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Recorded on April 26th, 2017 at Torn Curtain in Montreal


released June 6, 2017

Drumming performed by Filip Pietruszewski

Recorded and produced by Micah Brown - micahcharlesbrown@gmail.com

Cover art by Charline Bataille - charlinews@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Total Bliss Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Code White
i can’t see what’s in front of me
i’m out of touch with your reality
no, too in touch, do not touch
code white

i don’t want to be this way
i just want you to hear me say
code white

i’m not violent, until I remember
i’m not violent, until you forgot
i’ll fuck you up
if it gets too much

it happened…

Track Name: B.I.T.C.H.
im not sorry if im scaring you
i know, im scaring me too
irrational is fucking rational
im irrational

the softest leather is still
so fucking tough and raw
i scrape the knife to keep an edge
to keep me safe, to keep me soft

i am so fucking weathered
throw my body like water to the well
drawn away to feel the thorns
better than to boil in hell

but im just screaming baby
throwing punches, throwing fits
give me away to anybody
i dont know when to fucking quit

now the leather has worn through
shattered knife left in the well
i died inside a bed of roses
now im called by a broken bell

after madeness guilt and sadness
after madness comes the guilt
after madness guilt and sadness
i cant stand the fucking guilt
Track Name: Flesh Prison Pt. 1
conflate this shell with yourself
i’m combing through the black mane
my body swallowed by the current
rid of tension

no fucking satisfaction

trapped in a body that is so conflicted
i’m straddling death between my fucking thighs
dead weight at the end of a cord
i left my prison so far behind


(Lyrics by Alexandra Barnet}
Track Name: Mutations
it doesn’t matter, biologically whatever
bodies have been this way forever
so has mine

mutilation and coercion
cause we don’t fit in your recursion
us mutants fuck your y’s and x’s
hormonal cunts, dicks, and bitches
Track Name: 1200
one thousand two hundred
missing murdered women
but there’s still so many more
can you tell me why they were ignored?

systemic neglect is foul play
systemic neglect is more than suspicious

one thousand two hundred
times everyone they knew
they are our sisters too
they are our sisters too

we’re looking but we can’t find who
they say we haven’t lost
vanished in a shroud of negligence
this is the fucking cost
Track Name: Constant Nausea
i’m gonna fucking puke

trapped in a sickening body
dragged through the world with rotting limbs
don’t look at me, don’t talk to me
i don’t want to be seen

no form, no identity
fabricated through abnormalities
an appetite for intimacy
becomes constant nausea

my eyes are on the ground
i’m too ill to look around
i don’t want to be seen

constant nausea
think i’m gonna die
constant nausea
you make me fucking sick
Track Name: Flesh Prison Pt. 2
breaking the boundaries
of my battle ground
living in this prison
i learned the art of war

conflicted with vague reflection
getting wet just by virtue
i lost presence, i sought solace
in smack and masturbation

yet another way to self betray

your mouth is a
calligraphic downstroke
men have told me to smile
pull the strings, stretch it out

yet another way to self betray

(Lyrics by Alexandra Barnet)